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Wind shear technique

I'm afraid the crew did'nt recognise their stall condition ... They had no training to handle that.

But maybe they had received extensive training against "negative" windshear on initial climb. That happens when an airplane, shortly after take off enters a layer of considerable tailwind. That can happen on a calm morning, and not only in a stormy day.

The training emphasize keeping the aircraft in the stick shaker zone - "hanging on" - NOT lowering the nose ... Of course, airline pilots (most of them ...) let the yaw damper handle the rudder, and try keeping the wings level only with the stick.

Not lowering the nose is actually a key point when entering a negative wind shear during an approach. (so as not touching gear & flaps). But I disagree with this recommandation during climb ...

If that training is not properly put into perspective, it quicly becomes a (bad) habit for reacting to a stick shaker / stall condition.
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