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Could anyone please post a link to the report, preferrably to an english version?
The preliminary report is not "out" yet. If it depended on the CIAIAC, all the details would've been kept secret until they felt they were ready to share the parts they considered important, and hide those they didn't want shared.

Nonetheless, their own regulations and international OACI (anex 13) require that they publish a preliminary report within 30 days of the accident, which incidentally was 34 days ago.

Therefore, we can only post links to leaked copies of the DRAFT of the preliminary report (not the report itself). Those were handed out about 10 days ago to parties involved (manufacturers, operators, authorities, investigation bodies, etc).

Whenever the preliminary (or later, possibly years from now, the final) report is officially available, it will be available from CIAIAC site here:

Relación de accidentes e incidentes. Año 2008 - CIAIAC - Ministerio de Fomento

It's expected in about a week.

Meanwhile, you can find a link to a scan of the last page and a translation in english of it in a post by me of about 10 days ago here (page 87):

Also, a couple of pages later (89) there is also another post by me with links to scans of all the pages of the draft report and a translation of some of the important bits.

Then, on this other page (95) there is also a link to the whole document in pdf format:

I don't know if anybody has translated the whole document, but you can find translations of bits and pieces, like the part about the reversers, etc in those pages (87 and later). All the important details have been posted and commented there.

The short version is:
-It seems very likely the flaps weren't down.
-The TOWS alarms didn't sound. It seems likely that the R2-5 relay wasn't working.
-Spanair didn't have updated procedures requiring that the crew tested the TOWS before each flight, only once a day and whenever pilots changed or were absent from the cockpit for a long time. It seems Spanair never received news about these updates recommended by Boeing after Detroit's accident. Also, nobody (i.e. FAA) made those recommendations mandatory. The CIAIAC feels best action is to make pre-flight checks of TOWS mandatory on all countries with airplanes of similar designs.

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