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People are hanging onto false leads and not letting go. How do we know they didn't firewall the throttles? Moving flap would make no difference- they had crashed back before the flaps would have moved into position. Once you are in a stall situation, the only thing that is going to get you out of it is altitude and power. No clever techniques that might have worked on an overpowered naval fighter will do it.

Someone is hung up on the fact the flaps were deployed for the first take off. Well- it appears they did the after landing check and taxied back in with flaps retracted as they should. Then in the rush to leave for the second attempt, it appears the flaps were left retracted.

We really need some of the non-flyers in this thread to just watch and learn if they want to, and not try and come up with answers! 92 pages, most of it complete guff!
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