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In such an incredibly short period of time the reactions will be instinctive and they will either work or they won't. I'm sure you wouldn't get much time to think about it or try anything else.

In such an fearful and unplanned situation and such a short time-span, the brain loses the capacity to "think and do" and merely reacts. Those reactions can be unpredictable but recurrent training moulds them - but you can only do this for certain events at certain times.

This is all well and good but the point some people are missing is that you can't train muscle memory for every eventuality. Training for "forgot to deploy flaps with no working TOCW after returning to the gate for maintenance" would be about as useful as training for a complete engine failure at 500 feet on the climb out (in my opinion anyway).

You can't mitigate every risk, you have to give priority to these things in order of likelihood of occurrence and effect of occurrence.
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