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Smilin Ed
A gentle hand on the controls beats jerking the plane around
There is a danger in hauling the nose up to an attitude and hauling the plane off the ground...
Don't worry - I get picked up on some annual checks for too "gentle" a rotate...

However, there is a limit for what one can/should cater for - in fact very little There are plenty of built in safety factors, and "on the day" (icy, long runway) you might build in some of your own. That is very different to altering the taught and certified techniques to cater for the grossly abnormal

As above, please read the NW MD-82 report. There is no realistic way you could cope with that on an everyday basis You need accurate figures, and the SOPs / discipline to ensure that the requirements of those figures(clean wing, configuration, power setting) are met. Very few (if any?) types call for you to pause rotation until the aircraft is airborne...

Smilin Ed - please note that if you do perform low rotation rate takeoffs outside the SOPs, and unstick at high speed / even just achieve excessive speed in the first segment, you will get nicked by the monitoring systems and called to account

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