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NoHoverstop's post sets the stall out here, and very well too.

The F-35B can do SRVLs. It's designed to do land based short landings, and the changes needed to get the SRVL optimized for CVF use aren't, I believe, too significant. For those in the programme, the 'unified' control system they have adopted seems to work OK.

The issue Not a Boffin identifies is very real - stopping safely after touch down, or executing a bolter. My view is that a bolter is really a must, and the CVF has the space to adopt an 'angled deck' layout for SRVL recoveries.

One thought on the safety issues - we did takeoffs from the very small CVS for some years, and as far as I know never lost an aircraft or a person to the aircraft running laterally off the very small runway. SRVLs present a similar issue, in controlling a maneuver (in this case decelerating) down a deck. The speeds involved are actually lower for SRVLs. And losing an outrigger tyre would be every bit as bad as losing an F-35B main wheel.

Not trying to be glib, but I trust the team who are working this at Warton and in Fort Worth. They are committed to a safe solution - and I think they'll get there.

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