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seems to me you're on a safe bet re. software...

'Engines' will know a lot more about it, but given the basically non-vectoring thrust of the F-35B, it takes a whole new load of software to allow a SRVL.

Why this wasn't an initial requirement still hasn't been explained in words to get into my thick skull, nor has the reason why a ski-ramp isn't of use.

For reference ( of a sort ) we at BAe Dunsfold - no amount of money could seduce talented software guys to the northern slums of Wart On - had a whole, large building especially made housing over 200 people to solely write the control laws for the Eurofighter /Typhoon, they were particularly wary after the first Gripen's disaster ( how the Test pilot survived is still regarded a miracle ).

It would seem the only way the F-35B can slow down is to pitch up, but god knows what the computers make of that !

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