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Fantastic hey Qanchor. Great news. Now if you are just able to think laterally on this one. Who knows you might be Captain material one day.

Now could it be just possible, the whole intention of the route is not Sydney and everyone then goes on to Vietnam. JUst maybe it's a flight to Darwin with the a/c arriving from Mel, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and maybe other ports around the same time. There a choice of Singa, Bali, Vietnam, Phlilpines and other S.E destinations is available. The a/c the then goes onto Vietnam. Hence that flight to Vietnam might be 20% from Syd, 20% Adelaide, 20% Cairns and the balance from Darwin.

What do ya reckon??? Maybe they do know what their doing.

But the great Aussie way now is to shoot anyone down prepared to give it a shot.
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