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lomapaseo, sevenstrokeroll;

I think the damage pattern (lateral crushing) to the bottom reverser bucket indicates that it hit something with substantial vertical force while the top reverser sustained little damage (that is evident in the photo, anyway). I hadn't thought of "where" but assumed it would have been on the runway because it isn't "packed" with weeds, grass, mud, etc but was "pristine" and had (what I took to be) striations along it's lower edge. Interesting notion about the shower of sparks being mistaken for engine problems...I hadn't thought of that. It will bring new meaning to the airport videos.

The "evidence", such as it is, available to us through poor photographs is so flimsy that these exercises may be wholly off-base. But I think they have a very useful "engaging" quality and that such informed speculation is part of what aviation people and those interested in and driven by aviation, do. There are tremendous learning opportunities "in the unsaid" in such discussions. It is much like CRM work in the cockpit or the safety investigation itself, where "what" not "who" is important. Pet theories succumb either to clearer thought or better evidence.
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