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Originally Posted by FrequentSLF
Ask yourself: When you bought a car, why did you go for the Golf, and not the high-security S-class Mercedes? Shouldn't you have if you aim for total security?
Do I have such option when I buy an airline ticket?
You had the option when you bought a car, and still you went for the less safe option. If most people act like you, you can imagine why an airline that has safety measures that people are not willing to pay for, will go out of business. Therefore, the option is not there because there is no market for it. If you think there is a market, please go ahead and start your own airline and see how well you do with policies like "no plane will ever depart without working T/R", and how many more people will choose your airline because of this.

Originally Posted by FrequentSLF
My understanding is that is not implemented if the safety is of 99.99999%, not because of costs outweighing the benefits. What you are saying could be considered professional negligence.
Any company that does not operate to the principle to weigh benefits against cost will go out of business eventually. "Professional negligence"? I suggest you stick to your dream world.
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