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Thanks. I guess ACL on was then just another coincidence and not directly related to the accident.

More pictures:

interviu - portada

After the judge's main mission is over, it is expected that he will press charges against at least 18 people that made unauthorized recordings of the area with the intention to sell them to the press. One sold 20 pictures for 2.000. It could constitute a criminal offense against the victim's honour according to the law.

Police has 18 recording devices (mostly cellphones) under custody. The judge authorized only the technical investigation commision to make recordings and prohibited anyone else to make them from the first moment he dispatched police to the scene. He has requested all available recordings of the accident to be presented to him.

Many have reached the press before the judge could see them.

The press has not been authorised to visit the area yet.

Recue workers have been warned that if any recordings are found to have been made by them and not properly handed over or had been done during the inmediate time of duty or after the police requested recordings to stop, they'll be fired.

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