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-The worker that supplied additional fuel (for a second time, I'm assuming to repost that lost on the original TO abort and return to gate) to the MD-82 before final take-off, declared that he thought it was very wierd that the airplane had the anti-collision lights turned on in both the upper and lower part of the plane, because "they are always off when you are refueling". He said that in 9 years of professional experience, he had never observed such a case.

It is against civil regulations to have just about any kind of lights on during refueling.

-The area the plane returned the first time it aborted TO to check the air temperature probe malfunction was parking 11.

-A fuse was removed to stop the intake heater from activating. The technician installed some sort of "precint" (maybe tape, label or similar).

-During the 33 minutes of repair, pilot addressed PAX to let them know they will probably not need to change airplanes and the repairs would allow them to continue shortly.

-Nonetheless, two busses were commanded to ground operations in case the PAX had to be moved out of the plane.

-Two passengers, according to survivors, were nervous because air conditioning was not (properly?) working and demanded the plane to "leave quickly".

-Judge has found no evidence of any PAX demanding to disembark, against some victims' families that claim otherwise.

-The worker refueling the plane (for the second time) spoke with the copilot, carried a normal conversation with him, and added 682kg of fuel. Was during this time that he realised the anti-collision lights were on (Possibly the airplane thinking it was in air mode? Are those lights turned on automatically?)

-After final refuelling the airplane should've had 11.551kg of fuel.

-Official National Metheorology Agency report for the area requested but still not in the hands of the judge.
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