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F-35C is designed to operate from USN ships - CVN-68 class (Nimitz). They will be designed to use the new JPALS landing system, and it will have an autoland capability.

BUT - there is very little chance that the USN will rely only on an automatic landing system to avoid training aircrew in manual landings. F-35C CONOPS will be a development of those used for F/A-18E/F and other manned jets. Trying to go for an F-35C option without training our aircrew would be, in my view, plain unsafe.

I'd suggest that the autoland issue is not the central one for SRVLs. (The one area where it might pay off is a automated braking function). The teams at Fort Worth and Warton are, I believe, working to develop a safe SRVL capability which can be carried out manually. JPALS could then be used to provide various levels of assistance, depending on weather and operational needs.

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