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dirty b
if you want the best value for money then F35 will give it to you. If you want to pmp money into british economy give it to BAES for Typhoon.
Interesting, and that latter assertion is not something one could make regarding Dave-B, you believe?

Navy argues against Marine variant of JSF - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times
British support for the F-35B is seen by many observers as a key element in the survival of the variant in last year’s Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). Although the QDR was completed over a year ago, the British carrier program remains a major ingredient in the STOVL program.
A British government official said Pentagon officials “periodically seek updates from the British government on the status of the carrier program — a move that some have suggested has less to do with Britain’s interest in building the ships than whether London is wavering on the raison d’être for the JSF STOVL program.”
A rather interesting way to describe it, don't you think?

Which is to say, without Dave-B BAE wouldn't be participating in the JSF manufacturing club. -- Too bad, I think, that the price of membership includes two dedicated STOVL 65,000 ton carriers. (BTW the nuclear CdG weighs in at a mere 42,000 tons)

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