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Tim McLelland
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Those indeed were the days...
At first glance, I thought your images showed the Firebirds - I don't know why it is, but that team seems to have been neglected by photographers during the short time that they operated. Pictures of the team are in very short supply (just the odd ground shot at Wattisham mostly) but images of the team in flight seem to be extremely rare. The RAF's main site included some beautiful MoD images until they re-vamped the site and kindly removed most of the good stuff, including the Lightnings!

The 74 Sqn team (as shown on your photos) seem to have fared rather better in terms of pictures, but even they don't seem to have been exactly over-photographed. It's a mystery to me why teams which were the official RAF aerobatic teams at the time, were not the subject of many more photographs. I guess back in those days there were far fewer people armed with cameras?!
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