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SRVLs are most probably being looked at because the Brits want the aircraft to do more than the agreed specification asks for.
This wouldn't because what is 'agreed' now is different to what was originally expected, would it?

Here's what Dr Kopp had to say on the subject in May, this year.
The saga of the weight reduction effort is a good example, as early in the SDD it was established that the airframe with systems installed was too heavy to perform, a critical definicency for the STOVL variant. This was followed by the SWAT (STOVL Weight Attack Team) effort intended to drive the weight of the design back to an acceptable number. The SWAT effort was followed by a major public relations campaign declaring publicly that the weight problem had been beaten. When the published target weight data for the JSF variants is tracked over time, it is clear that empty weight remains a major design problem. Between 2002 and 2006, the weight of the CV variant grew by 6.7%, the STOVL variant by 8.2% and the CTOL variant by 9.6%.
A look at:
Assessing Progress on the Joint Strike Fighter Program
shows how the baseline weapons fit has been steadily whittled away since 2001.
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