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You ask how these [email protected] can be accurately aimed at aircraft? Ask the Chavs that do it!
I suspect it's a bit like the pilot who gets his first mag light and shines it up the street to see if it lights up his neighbours house. The pikey probably bought the [email protected] pen (or nicked it) and was looking for the furthest object away in his line of sight that he could light up. The fact it went into the pilots eyes was probably more chance than anything but as it's a continuous beam if he keeps waving it around in the general direction it's going to hit the target, a bit like when you are trying to hose shampoo off the dog when he's running round the garden...or is that just me ???

I've owned a [email protected] pointer (it was a gift) and I own a couple of [email protected] levels. The pointer has been thrown away, getting the dog to chase the little dot around the room was driving him nuts, but I still use the [email protected] levels from time to time. The difference with these particular levels though is that they are designed to strike a straight line over a surface, they wont shine a concentrated dot into anyones eyes no matter how much you waft them round. I've no doubt they could be converted in some way or another to do so but it's probably well beyond the wit of your average Burberry wearer who just wants to light stuff up.

Surely it's not very difficult to legislate against the sale of devices that shine a concentrated [email protected] dot as opposed to a [email protected] line. Devices that shine a [email protected] dot have no real practical pupose in general day to day use, even on a building sight and lecturers don't need to use one, they have managed perfectly well with normal pokey pointers in the past and they can continue to do so. If astronamers want to use them to line up their telescopes then let them apply for a licence to buy and use one, i'm sure they wouldn't be that put out by having to do so.
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