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What happened to all that corporate knowledge that was gained over the years in NI? Where are these ISTAR specialists? A report like this just highlights the lack of strategic thinking within Air Manning to join up the dots.
Where to start . . . . The ISTAR specialists were only ever involved at the end of the process after the new shiny things with wings and engines had been bought. Little/no consideration was taken of the 'extras' that this kit required as it was in the very unsexy area of A/J6 world and those personnel that would be required to operate/provide analysis etc. As for Air Manning joining dots, they are doing their best to join two bits of 6" string to make a yard stick at the moment - Int An (I) FMDL at the thin end of 60% as I understand it.


It shows there are still turf wars between the Services. If ever there was an un-joint approach to capability it has to be the UAV ISTAR piece. Just ask anyone who works in Main Building. Army want radio controlled toys with a B&W camera being flown by Cpl Smith, the RAF want some form of global platform that floats around for a couple of days and has an entire operating team led by Wg Cdr Double-Barreled and bar. Both of these have their place. But if you get down into the Reaper/Watchkeeper territory there are still huge prejudices and efforts to draw boundaries within a decidedly grey area.
The whole point here is that the individual Service has bespoke requirements - nothing whatsoever to do with 'un-Jointness'. The real issue however, is not who owns the toys, or operates them, or has them in their ORBAT, but how the information/intelligence from each of them gets shared amongst those that need it.

Getting a UAV airborne and looking at the imagery is the easiest bit, identifying who needs the information/intelligence/imagery (delete as appropriate) and getting it to them is extremely tricky.
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