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Maude Charlee
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195 positions going to former BACon crews first????? What an utter load of tosh!

You SOU based by any chance? Just the sort of total [email protected] that seems to do the rounds in the darker corners of the Empire.

As speedrestriction correctly points out, it is all done purely on seniority on the combined list. The only restriction previously was that the BA boys were actually frozen out of the bids for the 195 completely for an initial period of, I believe, 12 months. They now have the opportunity to bid along with everybody else, and if youo lose out to any BACon crews, it would only be by virtue of the fact that they are more senior - exactly as it should be.

However, the one nice thing about Flybe, is that as a FO, opportunities for advancement come quickly, whether that be jet positions or moves to the LHS.

Stop listening to bitter and twisted rumours and open your eyes and look at the facts.
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