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Turbtool, I think genex and I probably agree on far more than we disagree.

To summarise my thoughts- and whilst I don't speak for all of my colleagues the conversations I've had with a lot of them would indicate that many of them share my thoughts.
1. Neither I nor the over whelming majority of my colleagues thought or think ill of the J* crew or consider them second rate operators.
2. I am bitterly disappointed that many forces (some who were previously quite high up in AIPA) keep working at having the pilot groups at arms length from each other.
3. I'm disappointed that J* crew signed on for a poor EBA when they had a gun to their head regarding the A320 instead of trying to work WITH AIPA for a better deal.
4. I'm disappointed that J* crew signed on for the widebody variation that confirmed that they'd fly the A330 for substantially lower conditions than the other operator of A330 aircraft in Australia.
5. I'm frustrated that QF keep being told how expensive we are as an airline when no one knows for sure how much assistance QF provided/provides J* both in start up and in an ongoing fashion.
6. I'm bitterly cranky that QF pilots and their representatives have constantly be denied a seat at the table to discuss crewing aspects of the LCC. This has been a concerted effort by J* management, the JPC and even the AFAP.
7. That crankiness ratchets up a notch when I recall agreements in EBA and promises made to the pilot body that we actually would get a seat at the table. The seat at the table involved not taking away a single command from current J* crew and seeing QF drivers who move across to J* sitting underneath the J* crew on seniority.
8. It ratchets up a further notch when I am told that the pilot culture of which I share a proud heritage would 'pollute' a relatively new carrier that has grown rapidly from GA RPT ops to heavy jets.
9. I'm frustrated that the premium product- which everyone acknowledges is still doing pretty well whilst the leisure travel segment is 'softening- is neglected with tired, thirsty aircraft whilst the low cost, low yield product is showered with newer and more efficient equipment.
10. I'm frustrated by a management that publicly states that it sees little value in it's people and that it's shareholders it's only priority and that this attitude impedes people's ability to actually do their job. That frustration continues when i see one of the prime architects and enablers of that strategy promoted to follow the already poisonous employee relations.

Any QF crew who aren't broadly in line with that view would probably be the minority and those who attempt to paint that alternative view as the majority 'sky god' view are either sadly mis-informed or trying it on for their own mischevious purposes. Perhaps Genex could tell us which side of the ledger he falls on.

So good luck to Mr Joyce. If the J* crew like the job he did for them then perhaps that's a positive start. Given his public disdain for me and my colleagues you can understand our hesitation in giving him a rousing welcome.

PS: QF too use F/Os (amongst others) as investigators. Some of them are internally trained. Many of them spent time with BASI and/or the ATSB prior to QF. Not ALL of the investigators are F/Os though which is the point I think the other poster was making. Nice straw man though kelly.
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