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to jaba

Nice to hear something positive.Open mind here.

If anyone expects a new CEO to come down and kiss lame's or pilot's backsides for doing what they do we're all going to be disappointed.

If he has any credo he truly does need to respect the workforce (and show it).The GD era was epitomised by a tough guy culture that was emulated thru out management.Every wannabe out Geoffing Geoff.
I expect hard nosed management but I also want to see see him talk to people meet them look at what we do and where.

I also want the empires that even Geoff could not find or disassemble brought down and less money spent on bull$#!^.
Still cant believe the agonisingly complex and non-standardised across the fleet paperwork that qantas have for fixing jets.
For all the money spent on IT its one of the major sources of frustration in engineering.Utter crap.200 million on marlin had better work .

Train more apprentices and give AME's some hope of a career as LAME.Train LAME's on more types and get better value out of them.Half licences or not trained on this variant or that tail or category costs so much.

A more open , consultative culture in engineering would be most welcome.

Re-insert spleen now.
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