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Originally Posted by passoutpart
How did the display compare with the old RAF display of the 80S? I've memories of the Vulcan being pretty much the best display jet around.

I guess they will be much more gentle with it these days
Very much so. Sedate compared to the way it used to be displayed, but for very good reason I suppose. Also much quieter than I remember it - I suspect that lower engine power is used now with the aircraft being much lighter than it was in 1993, and engine parts being in short supply.

Originally Posted by iansmith
Finningley - I live only 6 miles from the base and still regret miscalculating the traffic the last time the Ligntnings appeared there. I missed them, stuck in traffic only a couple of miles from home having set out over an hour before the show was due to start. I don't know how I got that one so wrong - for some reason my local knowledge worked against me that year. Still plan to go to SA one day to make up for it.
I remember being sat in the traffic jam for the same show, and seeing the Lightning disappear vertically into the clouds! That was the last time I saw one flying I think. That was a very grey day too!
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