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VH-XXX "hoxton blah bla, 5 miles west inbound at 1700 ft"
VH-XXX "hoxton blah 3 miles west inbound at 1700 ft
VH-XXX "above runway 34 at 1700 will descend to circuit on the dead side"
VH-XXX "turning downind on the dead side of circuit and descending"
VH-XXX "joining circuit crosswind 34 blah blah
tunring downwind call, turning base call, turning final call...
Why so many calls? It amazes me why pilots are taught to give radio calls overhead and then the dead side - joining crosswind is enough. Common sense applies though if you are trying to avoid a collision (however, most times this is not the case).

My favourite poor CTAF call is the departure call (which is not found in the recommended radio calls). "Caboolture traffic, Cessna 172 ABC, departed 48, tracking 220 for Warwick, passing 1600 climbing to 3500, estimate Warwick time 30".

The problem is some pilots/instructors seem to get confused with an IFR departure report from the AIPs/Jeps. CTAF depature calls are good at times, don't get me wrong, but who cares what time you are going to be at an aerodrome many miles away? Inbound calls with circuit estimates are a different kettle of fish.

Learn the procedures, use common sense. Don't speak sh#t.
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