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Dont take the train!

I always enjoy Rainboe's bluntness and the unique sense of raised blood pressure he is able to convey. I was assigned to Kenya for a couple of years in the mid 90's and was in MSA every two weeks. Bored with the KA flight I once did the train from MSA - NBO (called by some the lunatic express). Fun then - lethal now. African N-S routes can be moderately turbulent - especially over the Sahara but.... so what.... as Rainboe says. EGNH - if worrying about the return flight is going to spoil your wife's holiday, go to the doctor and get some diazepam - really. You'll need to lay it on a bit thick... panic attacks, hyperventilation, etc etc. They'll give her something.

PS Rainboe - I had exactly the same experience in an F-50 from Malindi - Mombasa - NBO. The most interesting thing was that on the way out there is a small cabin baggage space with nets and all (on the right, by the galley). As I went past I saw a small African child with eyes as big as saucers staring out.. he must have been sh1*ting himself it was so violent. Who he was and who put him there I never did find out.

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