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Interesting Oiler.

I didn't realize Solar flares would show up on personnel rad sensors but it makes sense. It sure showed up on HF! The Northern Lights were spectacular to fly near but I suppose we were getting nuked there without realizing it. Also polar flights and layovers in New Zealand were believed by scientists to be in the ozone hole. Since they told us that, the sun sure felt different down/up there! (really, it did.) And SC rates are really high there and Australia...

According to Scientific American, the atmosphere at sea level is equivalent in protection to thirteen feet of concrete, IIRC, and if you cross the U.S. at FL410 you get the same radiation exposure as a medical chest x-ray (day or night.)

That's a lot of x-rays flying in the thirties for twenty years. Pilots are worth every penny imho. ALPA participated in a study in the past were crew skin cancer rates were examined. It revealed a high incidence of captains with melanoma (sp?) on the left fore arm and a high incidence of F/O's with it on the right forearm.

Combination of background radiation and sun light? Or does plexiglass laminate just make a lousy shield? It's the little invisible stuff like that, which can ruin your whole retirement. Moral of the Story: bring sun block to slather up the window arm, but don't smear any of it on the yoke dammit! (Leaves a boobie trap for the next guy.)
Have fun in the "Stans" guys!

pac - out

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