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it is definitely required that flyblue posts some pictures
If only my computer and internet connection would cooperate!!! Since I installed a new wireless router I've been having problems!

But there it is:

Circa 3.30 AM on the first day

Fast forward on the shopping coffee break where Roj tried to impress his mate the owner by showing up with 3 gals (failed attempt...owner was not there)

People trickle in...
Dubs looking happy (he just found the Single Malts...)

Dubs looking even happier 'cause Peter is about to fall asleep leaving 2 beer bottles unattended...

The Cook

Jan's Harem...

flyblue, Reddo and flaps

The Somerset Sandwich: flaps, BFU and flyblue

Capt Reddo

Cleo, Wholi and Mrs Dubs

Fast forward the following day:
Wholi with his hands full

Wholi's speech at the Hollies

Pprune Pop and Radar
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