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Bit off the JP thread but I hoped someone with Syerston Connections might be able to throw a little light on a dark days happenings. Time mid fifties, ambling back from the outside bogs at my infant school eyes clapped on the sky as usual ( We lived at the end of RR Hucknall runway so there was always something flying) I know not why but I swung to the west and looked high to see a growing fireball developing with 'smoke' trails falling off in all directions. At the age of 7 I only exibited a mild curiosity. Many years later I tripped across a report of 2 x Vampire T11's destroyed over Nottinghamshire in a mid air and suffered one of those ha ha! moments. Were they from Syerston? Flew many times from Syerston with 644 643? GS can't remember the No exactly as we traipsed between the two schools for years.
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