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Back again

Please can we examine what has been established so far - this includes PMs.

It is becoming highly likely that XM478 was not, in fact, a Syerston machine, so the title of this thread is incorrect. It is probable that this was initial confusion engendered by the XM378/478 situation.

The available research material places XM478 with:
'17'/1 FTS, 1970
'104'/7 FTS, RAF Church Fenton, 1983
'33'/1 FTS, RAF Linton-on-Ouse, 1984-1989

It would appear highly unlikely that the aircraft was ever yellow/aluminium.
My colleague is therefore left with two choices of red highlighting: the dayglow red areas initially painted on various areas, or the dayglow bands applied by dayglow tape. I would like confirmation that the dayglow paint highlighting was replaced by the dayglow taped bands.

My colleague is very grateful for the response. He is pursuing a similar line of inquiry for his former French military CAP-10. HIs other aircraft, being Italian, are easier for him to research.

Thanks again

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