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Some of the airlines I deal with have the automatic cockpit print out of the report 15, as well as an alert/print out (varies company to company) in their Maintenance control office (or whatever its called at that airline) that way if the report in the cockpit is not produced (printer failure etc) then it is still generated and maintenance are alerted. Don't forget that the reports are designed to be generated at below the max limits. The landing maybe have felt OK to the crew, but by looking at the report we can tell if the limits have been exceeded, ie depending on the roll angle etc. More often than not if the Maint control are on the ball, the report can be assessed before the aircraft arrives at the gate even, and this info passed to maintenance at the aircraft. I believe Airbus change some f/ctrl software/response etc to deal with the large number of hard landings. I am not anti airbus at all, but it is the -600 that I have done more heavy landing inspections on since they were introduced than I have on any other type in my 38 year career. This may be because it has the best recording/reporting system....?
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