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".... I found it interesting that their stupid rants were so quickly countered by the AIPA President...."

Well may they be countered. AIPA needs to keep these "extremists" (or are they ?) under control to hide the real agenda of this union's COM.

A very likely scenario is that QF mainline (domestic and international) flying will be devolved significantly into lower cost parts of the group. It doesn't take a genius to realise that J* will be involved in some of that devolution through increased flying and possibly more aircraft types.

What will that mean for the AIPA ? Shrinking numbers and less relevance as other pilot groups go from strength to strength.

This is the only reason that they want J* pilots to come on board, in order to try and retain some industrial muscle AND CONTROL. We would be there as a sideshow only - there to "make up the numbers". No thankyou.

Everyone should remember how J* was treated by the AIPA not 2 years ago. We were inferior in every respect. It's AIPA and AIPA alone who has created this awful feeling of distrust between the groups.

I reiterate what I said above. The best move now for Jetstar pilots is to start their own association, free from meddling from others with dubious motives.
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