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Spot on.

Condition Lever,

Donít put too much weight in the extreme views of a small handful of guys on Qrewroom. As a Mainline pilot I cringe at their comments and find them an embarrassment. You hit the nail on the head labelling them clowns. Thereís extremists in any discussion and their opinions do not reflect the majority. The worst thing would be for us to not work together on this because of them. I found it interesting that their stupid rants were so quickly countered by the AIPA President.


First you say thereís nothing in it for Jet* guys and then when the gains are pointed out you try and turn that around and say thereís nothing in it for AIPA, so it must be a conspiracy with some shadowy agenda. To have this very ability and use it so frequently is confirmation of your position in management. Everything youíve argued for is contrary to the long term career and lifestyle of all Qantas Group pilotsí. I repeat my question from some time back, why do you want it to be this way? I suspect that itís pretty obvious who has the shadowy agenda.

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