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Y Y Y?

Thanks Max Autobrakes,
You saved me some typing. Led Zep, I too was part of the Y merge. Not only did the TN guys get commands on their aircraft before QF guys did of the same start dates in QF (I too agree with Max, as they rightly should) they are also flying L/H on the A330 and a few are even going on to the A380. (Every single TN guy could also be a Captain on the 767 as well.) Not really a shafting in my book. The good bit now is there are now a lot more career path choices available for everyone.

The same would happen with a Jet*/QF Y. Take someone who joined QF post Dec í06 which I believe would be the earliest you could have joined Jet* after leaving EK. You WILL have a command before the QF guy would most likely have ANY window seat. And if the merge wasnít going to go that way itís simple...........DONíT SIGN OFF ON IT!

As for starting your own association it will be too late by then and wonít help solve the problems with your EBA 4. It also still does nothing in the way of protecting your long term career though any form of unity with other pilots in Australia.

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