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Looking at how the "merger" aka "takeover" of Australian Airlines by QF, the seniority was so biased in favour of QF (AIPA) - how the "Y" list could ever be seen as advantaging anyone but the QF group is just not realistic. TN guys were shafted.

"....If you’re worried about some Mainline guy getting your command then relax..."

And I suppose the cheque's in the mail too - You are bloody right, a lot of us are worried if AIPA ever managed to get a toehold in JQ.

As far as hearing from Ian Woods or AIPA propoganda, yes - read his comments and listened to him personally. He is only trying to keep as much of what's left of QF as he can for his members only. If he thinks he can stand up and deliver such condescending statements about how much of the 787 (and by implication future fleet) flying JQ pilots will be allowed to do, he and the AIPA COM need to think again.

As I said above, it's time for Jetstar pilots to think as a united single group away from AFAP and AIPA. We would have a membership of over 1000 pilots by 2012 IF we got together now.

Yes - I was with EK.
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