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No Keith, that about covers it...particularly 8a.

Chances of unified PIA?

Not very good I would suggest. Remember J* is made up of pilots from both sides of 89..and most of the lower half of the juniority list is too young to remember 89, except as the year they were finally potty trained.

The chances of AIPA supported industrial action..as in "all out brothers"?

Didn't happen in 1989.

Remember for all the fine rhetoric from a few well intentioned QF pilots who post here AIPA and most QF pilots really do believe that J* will be the death of mainline T&Cs. I personally think that is overstating the case.

Take a look at what is happening in BA. BA pilots have just voted for strike action to stop BA's version of J* (Open Skies )

Perhaps BA have learned from QF how the Loco model can work without undercutting mainline after they fecked it up last time with Go...so they are having another bite of the cherry?

BA pilots are not prodding anyone from behind to go out and fight their battle for them...more power to their arm. Right or wrong they appear to have the strength of their convictions.

AIPA had their opportunity years ago to do as their BA counterparts are now doing but did not have the bottle. So yes Keith, in one sense, 'we' have blinked already...well AIPA did.

Now is the time for a supportive tone for what JPC has achieved. Remember Woods has not suggested there is anything wrong with EBA 4...this whole shitfight is not about EBA 4, rather who wrote EBA 4.

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