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Some nuts and a few bolts


Still not with you on the CX Ď49erísí analogy though I see where youíre going with the Ďwhoís-taking-the-riskí bit. I guess where I see this one as quite different is that in their case it was something that was internal to the CX guys rising out of a very nasty dispute. No one is at that point here (yet), and in some ways hopefully some unity might prevent that. Iíd prefer to debate the situation here on its own merits.

I donít feel that Mainline pilots do want you to fight ďtheirĒ battle for them. ITís all of our battle and itís much bigger than that. The problem they see is that Jet* guys accepting this EBA WILL result in a reduction in mainline T & Cís particularly as this is happening simultaneously with negotiations for the L/H EBA. Yes, to an extent that is looking after themselves but all groups will have very big gains if a group list eventuates. From what Iíve read AIPA isnít trying to get Jet* T & Cís the same as Mainlineís and is quite accepting that LCC terms will be less than Mainline. Jet* will always have a competitive edge in the leisure market and this will most likely see the continued expansion of them in the short to medium term and the resultant promotional opportunities for their pilots. AIPA is not trying to stop this. Whatís on offer for Jet* guys as a gain, is that their career choices then include mainline types and their T & Cís. It also give some protections and other opportunities for when Jet*s fleet expansion stops, as it will someday, or if there is a decrease in the leisure market or even just to handle the cyclical nature of this industry. That cuts both ways for Mainline pilots and must also include the regional pilots to be effective in the longer term.

The bigger issue with an acceptance of the Jet* EBA is not so much the T & Cís but that it effectively prevents unified representation. Easy for me to say but the only risk a Jet* pilot has in voting ďnoĒ is a short term pay gain (Made at the expense of any new hires) which wouldnít take much at all to recoup in both monetary and conditions in the medium term. Usually this is recovered in back pay to an EBA date though I guess this wouldnít apply as your current EBA hasnít expired. Surely youíd have to ask yourself why theyíre offering this carrot? Cause theyíre a nice bunch of guys and they want to share the love? Not likely. Surely you can see that they are trying to divide us as pilot group. Heck even if youíre not sure vote ďNoĒ and see what AIPAís got to offer at the road shows theyíre running. Even if you decide not to go that way recent history (Virgin, QF S/H, and even this second offer) would suggest youíll get another better deal on your table. Surely buying watches and dodgy DVDís in Asia has taught you this?

As for the nuts and bolts; Iím a line pilot and hold no position in AIPA so I donít know the final details but here goes. The first big step was obtaining the legal right to represent the Jet* and Regional Pilots. This legal right has been achieved after a court case and then successfully defended on appeal. I wasnít involved but it no doubt took a lot of effort and expense. A next step is for Jet* pilots to join. The road shows AIPA is running are to inform you of the gains that would result from membership. Best to get to one and get it first hand and develop your own opinion. To get QF and Jet* management to accept a group list would no doubt require a lot of work and require convincing them it makes economic sense. The obvious one is stopping the bleeding of the Regionals with their massive exodus of pilots and Iím sure there will be much in the L/H EBA as itís been stated that Ďeverythingí is on the table. Iím sure the people working on this have a strategy but for obvious reasons donít post it on forums. A good question to ask at a road show perhaps?

Maybe Iím still being childishly naive but if we donít get some unity weíll all suffer. You might get a sign on bonus and a few extra bucks now but the next thing you know Jet* will be giving your promotions to another cheaper bunch of pilots, or foreigners bought in under 457 visas or to foreign pilots flying under contract for an offshore company (Vietnam's Pacific Airlines perhaps?). Please donít be rushed.

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