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Please outline for me the sequence of events required for the sort of solidarity espoused here to become reality.

The analogy is close enough for me.

One group of pilots want another group of pilots to fight 'their' battle for them by, in this case, voting down an EBA and foregoing a substantial pay rise in order to allow, in this case, AIPA, to attempt to get them a better deal at some point in the future.

There is zero risk attached to this for AIPA pilots/Com.

All the risk is being born by the J* pilots.

As was the case when the CX pilots were insisting that pilots not accept employment at CX until the 49ers were reinstated...while accepting upgrade training.

Zero risk for CX pilots but a massive career risk for anyone not yet flying for CX, or any airline, and whom had set their career goal in that company. They actually suggested people who knocked back job offers or interviews would have another opportunity when the 49er issue was resolved...in what universe?

Just how good a deal (as in how much extra on TOP of EBA 4) would AIPA have to get for J* pilots to recover what they will lose in the next 12 months if this is voted down...again?

Can AIPA do it?

Not in this universe. Remember no one from AIPA is suggesting the numbers attached to this EBA are not good numbers...in fact the opposite if rumours are to be believed.

You, and others, clearly don't like what I have to say on this subject...prove to me I am wrong and that your reality is the correct one.

Mainline pilots, and others, who post in this place are long on rhetoric about bringing J* T&Cs up to some level they deem appropriate. Many suggest nothing short of pay parity with QF Domestic is acceptable.

I have yet to hear anyone outline the nuts and bolts of forcing QF/J* management to accept that outcome.

Perhaps you would like to start the ball rolling?
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