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Good answer

18 mths is still a long time...if they cannot manage better for their own how can the J* pilots hope for better?

Don't get me wrong...I'd love to see all QF groups pilots on a single list/one union representative basis, as long as a sensible approach was used within the varying contexts of sundry group types/operations etc, rather than 70s style unionism.

There is just NO WAY that will happen in the real world. It is a childishly naive piece of wishful thinking.

In the meantime I view AIPA's actions surrounding J* generally, and EBA 4 particularly, in the same light as the CX guys instigating an international recruitment ban to support the 49ers (and loudly proclaiming on this BB that pilots should NOT accept employment with CX until it was resolved in favor of their 'collegues') while simultaneously accepting upgrade training that ensured their 'collegues' had nothing to come back to.

AIPA has about as much 'cred' as HKAOA has...fix that and you might have the beginnings of solidarity...oops here comes the real world again.
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