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Top bloke - ISTR his dad was an MP.....

My best memory was when I was a desky - he was Gp Capt UAS at Cranners and 2nd RO of all UAS bosses.

One UAS bloke was clearly a computer geek of the first water, his 1st RO the Staish (somewhere where he was non-GD) wrote something like:

Some people might say Sqn Ldr Bloggs had no other interests outside computing and had little conversation on other subjects. However, he was a great asset to the Station blah blah created intranet, blah etc etc....

Adam as 2nd RO:

Some people indeed might say that Sqn Ldr Bloggs had no other ...... etc etc. I am one of those people!

Straight into the Desky's linebook!!

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