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PAF, we all thought you might go into retirement with Little Johnny Howard, along with your pseudo-intellectual ramblings about market forces and economics.

There is a very old business principle involved in these matters called "where you stand is where you sit." Negotiations are just that - negotiations where each side basically tests its market power against its expectations. Assuming there is an overlap of best case/ worst case expectations you end up with a deal. If there is no overlap then no deal.

To make pronouncements, as you continually do, about who has a moral or economic claim to success is both irrelevant and misleading. It's like saying that India should win all cricket matches against Australia because Australia has a population of 20 million and India has a population of one billion (I won't argue the statistics of that because my argument is a little weak, but you will never pick why).

A negotiation is simply a contest. There is no logical reason that profits or wages should be any particular fixed share of revenue at all.

Here's a hint: Get rid of those self improvement books you seem to be reading and get a copy of "Getting to Yes" which is about negotiation.

On a further note, you didn't get a degree from ANU did you? If so, I'm ashamed.
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