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-this revote includes awa's (ie: those whom in which the previous vote did not apply to)

- the offer that is being revoted applies to captains (good bonuses) and cfo's (doubling their pay)(those who the majority were under eba's)

- this eba is intended to lock pilots in for 5 years, underpaid, in the biggest pilot shortage this country has seen.

- the conditions offered will not compete aginst rival carriers when 'competing' for fo's. hence no new pilots.

- no increase for training captains despite dealing with guys with less and less experience.

- a management bonus, not a performance bonus. which means u will get less if the comapny is not performing and more if the company is performing despite rocking up and doing the same job every day.

- u will still pay for your jepps on the a320

- u will still pay for your medical.

To those captains who want their 20g this winter: DO NOT VOTE THIS IN.

the jpa is a joke, let's get some proper representation and get it sorted, for the long term.