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I think you should chek your facts in Regards to the AWA's, and yes it is under the MOU that a mainline pilot must resign to accept a Command.
I do know my facts and it is FACT that some of the QF FOs that took A330 commands in J* accepted an AWA to get that command. To resign from QF to get a command in J* suggests to me that the conditions on offer were acceptable to that pilot. I don't understand why it is acceptable for a QF pilot to take a command on the A330 in Jetstar but not for Jetstar pilots to want that command. Remember they voted in the MOU as well, for GROUP solidarity. What did they get in return, in the short term?

My last point implies the fact that the JPC accepted the terms of the 330 to secure there own promotion with little to no regard on how much they were selling themselves short,
If they were selling themselves short can you explain why Qantas mainline pilots are falling over themselves to accept those positions on those terms and conditions.

then the majority have not taken the 330 positions because of how poor they infact are!! ..
I don't know where you get your info from but there is no shortage from within J* for A330 positions, with A320 Captains champing at the bit, as a result of delayed 787s.

but then i suppose that if you can go form 1900 driver to 320/330 driver in as little time as possible, after not being accepted to mainline.. then why not screw everyone in the process!!
Arrr. The old chestnut. Not accepted into mainline therefore NOT a real pilot. I think history has shown over and over that to be NOT accepted into mainline does NOT mean that a person is not a competent pilot or indeed better off for the experience. It may surprise you to find that some at J* were acceptable to Qantas but chose not to go there, after seeing the type of personality that they would be required to work with. You obviously don't know that many at mainline never went through the mainline selection process either. To suggest that a pilot who is "not good enough to join mainline" should actually pass up an opportunity to work in Australia because it "might disadvantage a pilot who is good enough to join mainline" is laughable in the extreme.
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