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Pass, perhaps if you stopped investing your time in watching the wiggles, whether for enjoyment or education you might stop to realise what infact inflation is! In fact the couter measures of Inflation ie.. increased interest rates, taxes etc directly and adversly effect aviation, put simply inflation and its associated devices effects the disposable income we have to spend and as such, the controls of inflation directly effect how much we have to spend on the luxuries such as recreational travel.

Pilots wages, i believe are not an indicator, nor should be a measure of the economic situation. The basic models of economics are that of supply and demand.. and as such can dictate, where negotiated properly the value of a comodity ie.. our wages!. Yes it is basic business to get the same product(labour) at the cheapest price.. but at what risk?..

Statement like "united we bargain, divided we beg" are weak?, have a hard look at yourself if you honestly believe that... mate fill your boots and see how far you get by yourself... its as a group we acheive, its as teams we accomplish, in the meantime.. fly solo mate and enjoy yourself!!!

that you so clearly no little about.
, i think youll find that 'know' would be the appropriate spelling.
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