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Correct me if I am wrong, but surely the purpose of MTI was to filter out PE and show moving targets free of airborne clutter.
Doppler compensated MTI was designed to filter out slow moving returns such as flocks of birds etc. it does so my applying an appropriate doppler shift to the returned pulse frequency with a set range. It can also be set for small areas and for selected heading ranges. it can, of course, also remove aircraft such as helicopters or aircraft flying at multiples of the set doppler notch speed including slant range speeds. But all processing removes something. The problem of the aircraft above the sites vanishing would seem to relate to beam pattern or the same processing being used on multiple beams.

Knowing the position of the turbines and the normal rotation speed range, and perhaps even by monitoring them directly or my a microwave radar, I can't see why a suitable filter can't be set. OTH ground wave radars could fill in any resulting loss of low level cover - indeed considerably extend it.

It's not an insoluble technical problem, it's a cash and time problem.
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