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The right words to describe HKA heirarchy CANNOT be used on this forum.
However, words like pathetic, amatuers, brainless, racist, dangerous, liars, etc can.
These pilots have come half way around the world, some with families, in good faith, to work for, hands down, the worst aviation company I have ever come across anywhere in the world ( or heard of ). Most of them even left good or 1/2 decent jobs to come here.
Most if not all of the FOs sacked where good people and will find a job easily, it may not seem it at the moment, but they will realise it is the best thing that ever happened to them
I wish they would sack me, it would be a good incentive to find a better job sooner.
HKA had a great bunch of guys and gals and they will lose the lot in less than 12 months, nobody is going to stay at this joke of an outfit.

Good luck to the 11 ( or 12 or 14 ) pilots, believe me, they have done you a favour.
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