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Sounds like home sweet home..

"1. Your definition of an Alchohol problem is: Being out of it.
2. Mothers hide their daughters when you come to town: This of course because they want you all to themselves.

So do you feel at home yet "

Sounds like home sweet home..

Regarding the poor sap who got married, Good luck with that.
Did that twice myself, It ended becauce of AIDS. Army Induced Divorce Syndrome the first time and Aviation Induced Divorece Syndrome the second time.
I hear three's a charm? Anyone?

Anywhoo, Work just called since im on reserve, Im off to Punta Cana i think. Just got hired with a nice small compay and im enjoying flying again.
Spent way too long with Mesa . If youre familliar with them you'll understand.

Take care.

Remember, Its beer 30 somewhere
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