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I can think of valid reasons to continue the parachute training, but I'm partial to it and it has all been said before.

However, as a foreigner, I would like to point out the following.
There are large (ie non-SF) paratrooper units in Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. The list is obviously longer, but I limited it to the closest neighbours.
The Dutch Airmobile Brigade is not a "paratrooper unit", but a large number of their personnel have become airborne-qualified in recent years.

I have watched the BBC news in awe when there was footage of soldiers of the Parachute Regiment, some not even half my age, fighting for a goddamn irrigation ditch in Aghanistan like it was the bridge in Arnhem.
I find any talk of taking away their parachute training utterly disgusting!

Best regards, Transall.
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