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Well Squizzy if youre the Squizzy I think you are I hope you've got a crisis plan for Eastern's.
A shitload of captains were interviewed in Nov and if they're successful youll have fun doing the roster in Jan/FEB
Fatass Kumar sits back at #42 in denial. He reckons he's got enough cadets to cover things. WRONG!!!!!!!
Most of the capts would stay if QF looked after them with a career progression. That'll never happen. AIPAs too late.
Virgin's got it sorted. Jungle Jets due to start in Feb on Eastern/Sunnies routes. Hire all the Qantaslink pilots and they've got no way of fighting back with their "saturation bombing campaign".
The answer is so simple. Kumar should've stuck to dry cleaning in Fiji. Bevan's parting comment was "you've got a fukcwit running Qantaslink now".
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