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Ladies and Gentlemen....

We have a winner!

I was watching some stupid MTV thing with my sixteen year-old son, when what was on offer was "lurve" from some retarded "rap artist" named "Flavor Flav." My son tells me that he was with a group named "Public Enemy" that I guess I never heard of. Not exactly the Amadeus Quartet then.

Anyway, this fellow wears a wall clock on a chain around his neck!

I hereby admit total defeat in the "my watch is bigger than your watch" competition and declare him the winner.

The episode I watched had him deciding between two slappers, (properly called either "hos" or "bitches," I believe, but I may have got this wrong) who had been rather actively "dissing" each other. My goodness, they were at it like a pair of professional aviators! The decision fell to the younger one, surprise, surprise, as his life companion for as close to forever as matters, probably about six months.

So you can all stop now with the watch stuff and go back to arguing about world politics and the state of the UK, okay?
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