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I checked with our local insurance agent about getting my money back if some Nigerian "area boy" decided he wanted my watch more than I did.

The woman at the desk said, "Oh, all you have to do is bring us the police report. But we only pay for armed robbery."

"Uuuuh, thanks. That really makes my day, knowing that."

"Yes, just remember, 'armed robbery.' Have a nice daaaay."


After that I got one of those velcro easy-to-remove bands for my relatively cheap Seiko and figured to just whip it off and hand it over. (A friend almost lost his arm to a Nigerian thug with a machete who wanted his Rolex, when he fumbled a bit getting it off. I guess the guy was just going to chop his arm off and get the watch off his wrist later. He managed to get the watch off but it sounded like a close-run thing.) Of course the very next armed robbers I came across, the silly boys just came out shooting, so no chance to hand over my watch.

It is only now, out in the relatively safe wastes of the Sahara, that I can finally indulge my liking for outdated and over-expensive timepieces.
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