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For many years, I wanted a Breitling - I thought it would make me a real pilot

Finally, I blew my annual bonus on a Breitling Jupiter Pilot. It came with a leather strap, which my acidic perspiration reduced to jelly in a few months. The replacement metal bracelet cost more than I'd ever paid for a whole watch prior to that. The bracelet had a design fault that meant it would fall apart every so often. That was fixed several times under warranty, and eventually they got it right.

It kept (and still keeps) incredibly accurate time - like, within about a second a week. The problem has always been that the stopwatch bit doesn't work. It went back to Breitling umpteen times, each time for a month longer than the previous, but the stopwatch packed up again within a month of it returning. In the end, I gave up on the stopwatch.

I've been told the movement was actually bought in from Seiko, but that may just be hearsay.

It's now about 20 years old, has a new battery every two to three years, and still keeps incredibly accurate time.

Meanwhile, in my bedside drawer I have a complete "watch wearer's history" going back 50 years or so. Most of them still work, but few have been worn lately.

I'm particularly fond of my KGB-Issue watch - mechanical, built like a tank - but I rarely wear it.
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